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Spring into action!

Now that Spring seems to be well and truly here in the UK, I thought I would share some thoughts from a local newspaper titled above. (shortened version!)

1. Go Green
It is time to give up stodgy comfort food in favour of all things fresh, light and green.

2. Workout update
If you work out regularly, now is the time to perhaps change your routine as your body has probably got used to the old one and needs refreshing. If you don't work out regulary, perhaps now is the time to start!

3. Lighten up
Forget baking, roasting and stewing. Preserve the nutrients by lightly steaming, grilling and stir-frying.

4. Scrub up
Scaly legs and flaky feet are easy to hide in winter, but not this time of year. Try body brushing for 5 min before your morning shower. Start at your feet and work towards your heart using firm circular motions.

5. Exercise al fresco
Try tennis, cycling, a run in the park, a weekend hike or even horse-riding.

6. Sunshiny day
Get out in the sun. US researchers found that 30 min of bright light a day can lift your mood, alleviate depression and helo to ease stress.

7. Buff your brain (if you still have one that is. Sometimes I wonder where mine has gone)
Don't let cobwebs clog your mind. You could boost your brain's power by 40% and reduce your risk of Alzheimer's, say researchers from Trinity College, Dublin. Try brushing your teeth with the wrong hand or take a new route to work.

8. Upt the antis
Anti-oxidants reduce your risk of cancers and prevent sun damage to your skin. Stock up on brightly coloured fruit and veg such as peppers, broccoli, mangos, watercress and berries.

9. Rise and Shine.
The sping sun makes it easier to bound out of bed. make the most of mornings by working our first thing.

10 Water - cooler
Drink more water. "Water is vital to spring cleaning your body," says Maggie Nutt of Living Nurtition. "Just a small degree of dehydration can lead to brain fog, lack of energy, and stop your digestion working properly. Keep a big bottle on your desk and finish it all."


Blogger Rebecca said ... (7:11 PM) 

Great tips! Thanks


Blogger Julia said ... (9:30 PM) 

Nice post which makes me slow down and rethink some of the things I forget to do or enjoy when I get too busy. Thanks.


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