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Wildlife in the city

Apart from all the racoons we see here nightly a neighbor of mine spotted 3 adult deer galopping through our neighborhood yesterday and I just saw a large fox in my neighbors yard. Mind you, we actually live in the city! I used to see these animals when I still lived in the mountains in Austria. But you surely wouldn't expect them here.


Blogger Marion said ... (9:59 AM) 

We live on the outskirts of a town but not really in the country. Opposite our house is a pond and each day I get to watch the Canada geese, ducks and all kinds of birds. I wake to them singing each morning at about 4 am. Fortunately, most days I am able to go back to sleep. I just love it. We also have a fox that goes in and out of our garden. I am just waiting for the ducklings to hatch and then we are out on the street stopping the traffic and trying to herd them back to the pond! About 500 yards along the road we have the small river Cole and also the Stratford Canal with its barges runs over it. Fun to see the barges in the summer as the drawbridge lifts to let them through. Close to the canal is an old Victorian dump site where a few years ago besides the artifacts, they also found the remains of a body! On the other side of our road, not too far from the pond are the ruins of an Iron Age Fort and in the not too distant past the pond used to feed a windmill.

I am sure I don't appreciate all that surrounds me, but I am thankful for such blessings each day to be able to enjoy the beauty so close to me.


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