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Crock pot recipes?

I am opening my own business in a couple of weeks and have purchased a crockpot to be able to still cook somewhat healthy meals for my son and myself. I have cooked for over 20 years but have no experience with a crockpot and would appreciate recipes from those of you who know what to cook in it. So far I have used it twice and made a coconut, curry chicken dinner with veggies, barley and quinoa. It turned out pretty well. I also made a stew with potatos, german sausage and veggies which was pretty decent. I am looking for some recipes that don't include meat and can be left cooking on low for most of the day without distroying the whole meal. Thanks.


Blogger Rebecca said ... (8:44 AM) 

I don't have a crock pot and have never had one, but found this web site that you might find useful:



Blogger Julia said ... (9:38 PM) 

thanks, Becky. I'll check it out.


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