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Book Review: A Lady's Life in the Rocky Mountains

Isabella Byrd spent several months in 1873 in the Rocky Mountains experiencing the real "Wild West". She was an English lady and avid adventurer and traveler.
Her entire book is a collection of letters she sent to her sister in England while traveling through mostly Colorado living with settlers as she made her way across. Her discriptions of the wildlife and surrounding mountains are incredibly detailed and you can easily imagine the beauty of the part of the country she so deeply loved and lived. I was fascinated and more and more drawn into her adventures as she rode on horseback mostly alone during the worst winter storms never giving up or complaining. It is most interesting how she explains in detail the people, sleeping quarters, food and daily routines of the settlers which she adopts as her own while living with the various people. She also tells that she never met any children who were "children" but all "little adults" out of the necessity of the harsh lives they had to live. They were expected to carry the work load just as their parents did.
Isabella Byrd wrote eight more books on her various travels through China, India, Hawaii and other countries.
I loved the book and will try to read some of her others as well.


Blogger Rebecca said ... (10:30 PM) 

Sounds really interesting. I'm presuming it's non-fiction right? What an interesting life she must have led!


Blogger Julia said ... (10:32 PM) 

yes, it is non fiction and was very captivating.


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