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Book Review: The Boy Who Loved Anne Frank

The Boy Who Loved Anne Frank by Ellen Feldman

The book starts.."Nothing set him apart from the crowd, except the fact that he did not want to stand out."

This novel is kind of what if book. What if Peter van Pels escaped Amsterdam and emmigrated to America? Well, we know the real Peter died in Mauthausen concentration camp days before the end of the war, so this is truely fiction, but I found it a very interesting read. I have read 'The Diary of Anne Frank' more than once, and last year visited Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. It was a very sobering experience and at the end where you can read what happened to each of the people who hid there, I shed a tear, for a time where hatred was so great, that such hiding places were necessary.

The book tells of Peter's struggles. He sheds his religion, and tries to rebuild his life. He marries a Jewish girl (who thinks he's a non-believing Christian), has children and builds a successful business. No one knows his past, and he tries to eliminate it from his mind.

His life is turned upside down, when Anne's diary is found and later published. His wife raves about the book, the play and the film, and he slowly unravels under the weight of the secrecy he has kept for so long.

Ellen Feldman did her job really well. If I hadn't know any differently, I would totally believe that this was Peter's story after the war. It was easy to read and gripping in parts. I felt really connected to Peter and drawn into his world. It was a relief when he finally tells his wife and her family and you can feel them re-connect after the distance created by his secrets.

Overall, a good read. 3.5/5


Blogger Julia said ... (11:07 PM) 

What an interesting way of approaching a story. It almost sounds like a science fiction story where you are not sure if it's true or not until the end. I am not sure if I would want to read it though right now simply because I am trying to stay away from too much sorrow (enough of that in my own life right now :) )


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