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Summer is definitely over!!

Well, the weather is still great, but it's back to normal life after wonderful summer holidays!!
I spent the first few weeks being back getting stuff ready for my oldest to start kindergarten. He started a few weeks ago and the easier life I thought going from 3 kids down to 2 hasn't happened! My 2 year old now only has me a his play pal for most of the day, so I'm exhausted!! Anyway, he showed me yesterday that he can't be trusted for even a second, while I go to the bathroom. When I was done, he pointed to a brownish smear on his leg. I thought he's either cut himself or smeared poo all over himself. It was then I saw it on his shorts, my couch and the carpet!! On closer inspection, it was my lipstick!! I scrubbed the carpet and sofa, and they're fine. If anyone has any great ideas for getting grease based stuff out of clothes, I'd love to know!!


Blogger Julia said ... (8:18 PM) 

Here's a site that suggests petroleum jelly: http://members.tripod.com/~Barefoot_Lass/index-2.html
...and another site that suggests vaseline. You have to scroll down with both sites.
Hope one of them helps get rid of your stains. :)


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