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Ditching Diapers?!

I saw this article in Newsweek and found it quite interesting as I have two children in diapers. A 2 year old and an 8 month old. I realise that my 2 year old is getting ready for potty training as he often says 'poo' to me about 5 minutes before he actually does. I guess I'm procrastinating with him a little, but we will start soon. My oldest was 2 and a half before we potty trained. Starting my 8 month old would be a completely different kettle of fish though. I like Jill Lekovic's idea of "diaper free before 3", but does that really mean starting potty training at 8/9 months?? I KNOW I'm not ready to do them both!! I guess I subscribe to, they'll do it when they're ready. Do we really need to push them for something they may not be ready for?


Blogger Julia said ... (11:47 AM) 

I always thought that kids had to be trained at a certain age until my son trained himself and didn't want anymore diapers. It happened overnight and sicne then I have been a strong believer that there is not much we can do to influence them walking around with or without diapers apart the fact that we show them the potty and what it's used for. Why push them, anyway? What's the rush unless theya re in a school where diapers are not allowed.


Blogger Rebecca said ... (3:53 PM) 

I'm right there with you!


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