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Sneaking in veggies....

My son was an avid vegetable eater until about 2 months ago. Now he will only touch raw carrots, go figure. But like all mommies, I have gotten inventive and came up with a solution. He loves pureed soups like split pea soup. Now I cook different veggies and starches and make a whole meal, puree it, tell him it's a soup and he eats it! Done :)
One meal I made yesterday was with potatos, carrots, zucchini, green beans, peas, kidney beans, tofu, fresh ginger root, cilantro, garlic, salt and parsley. It really was a delicious and complete meal, even for us adults. It looked horrible but it was tasty and most importantly, it was really healthy.


Blogger Rebecca said ... (4:18 PM) 

I haven't had to face this one yet. My kids will eat frozen mixed veg (corn, green beans, peas and carrots) and do so on an almost daily basis which I'm grateful for. I'll remember the idea though as I'm sure to need it in the future!!


Anonymous marta said ... (9:56 AM) 

We add grated carrots and other vegetables to tuna salad sandwiches. Lots of them. As much veg as tuna. It would work in chicken salad, too.


Blogger Julia said ... (6:36 PM) 

That's a great idea too! Will try that as well, thanks. :)


Blogger Allison said ... (8:02 AM) 

My kids like the frozen mixed veggies, too. My five-year-old daughter has been picky from time to time about green veggies, though, so I've gone through stages where I chop up spinach super-fine and add it to spaghetti sauce, or even use (you'll think I'm nuts) pureed babyfood veggies in brownies instead of the applesauce that we usually substitute for the oil. Actually, pureed sweet potatoes make a better brownie than the oil or anything else I've tried. Also, pureed babyfood carrots are easily added to juice or anything else, since they have a very mild flavor.


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