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Queen of Clean

I got given this info by someone from a book called Talking Dirty with the Queen of Clean by Linda Cobb. It outlines 5 must have household items for cleaning. I'll cover one at a time.

Number 1 - White Vinegar

  • Can remove heavy soap scum and mineral deposits from showers, tubs and sinks. Warm and put in a spray bottle.Let soak for 10-15 mins before scrubbing with a scrubbing brush/pad.
  • Add 1/4 cup to the washing machine during final rinse to soften clothes and remove lint from dark clothes
  • Apply, undiluted to the skin with cotton ball as a bug repellant. The odor will not stay on your skin but will deter the bugs!
  • Clean vinyl floors with 1/2 cup to a gallon of warm water

These are just a few of the ideas. I'll let you know once I've tried them. If they work though - what a cheap cleaning product!!


Blogger Julia said ... (11:53 AM) 

I have NO chemicals in the house due to their high health risks (cancer, asthma, allergies, etc.) and only clean with vinegar, baking soda, castille soap, rubbing alcohol and lemon. I have done this for many years now and it started when my mother started to use vinegar inher rinse cycle about 30 years ago. Household cleaning products can really harm and create many health problems including cancer. I also used to make my own hair conitioner, shampoo, body creams, bug sprays, etc. I am pretty well read up on this subject. But there might always be something I have not yet heard and might want to try. So, please keep posting it. Thanks.


Blogger Rebecca said ... (6:10 PM) 

All of the ideas given were chemical free household products, so I'm sure non of them will be new for you, but it's all new to me and looks a great idea!!


Blogger Julia said ... (6:36 PM) 

I have a pretty effective natural bug repellent that I mix every year before the moscitos start. Let me know if you'd like the recipe. It's quick and cheap. Applying vinegar also will help with bug bites. If applied it will take the itch out of bug bites.


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