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Terrible Twos

My 20 month old has hit the terrible twos early. Tantrums have started. But that doesn't bother me. I can handle that. My problem is he's into everything, and he's a climber! The bunk beds, furniture, dining room table, even the bookcase. This of course worries me most, because it's dangerous. He could fall and hurt himself. I find myself shouting at him to 'get down' often, but he takes no notice of me. I'm shouting bacause of the immediency of the danger, but it doesn't work or deter him. What can I do to help him understand when he doesn't understand what danger is?


Blogger Julia said ... (9:02 AM) 

Ah, that sounds like a copy of Luca! He still is a climber now at 3 and is now rockclimbing. Something to look forward to. The first thing I did when he was about 15 months old and this started, I had a handy man come in the house and put locks and gates all over the kitchen the satirs ot the upstairs, etc. While he as not able to climb over the gates it was a great help. I know this is sort of difficult in your apartment. But you could consider getting one of those big round gates that sort of inclose him in one space with toys inside. I know Luca was and still is one that requires a lot attention ("high maintenance", meaning he is not one to play alone for a long time and needs strict rules and discipline. I don't hit and he doesn't respond well with time outs. I mostly take previleges away from him which he seems to respond to better. We'll talk about it more next week but I think if I have any experience at all and learned anything since having had Luca it is definitely how to handle THE most active and physically advanced child I know.


Blogger fMhLisa said ... (5:33 PM) 

You could just let him fall and break his head. Just kidding.

I don't know man, my girls weren't like that. And the boy is just walking. If you figure it out, let me know, I'll probably need it here in a couple of months.


Blogger Heather O. said ... (7:58 PM) 

My kid did the same thing--still does, in fact. I seriously just let him do it most of the time, and only pulled him off the really dangerous stuff, like the bookshelves. And yes, he has hurt himself, but the lesson about danger seems to be learned a lot faster by the pain than by my constant "Don't touch that, get down!" We also went to a lot of parks to let out his energy, and as soon as I could, I enrolled him in swimming and gymnastics.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:16 AM) 

I have no idea how to stop it - my 2 year old is still doing this. For the bookshelves - buy furniture cables - basically you attach the shelves to the wall so that they cannot fall over. They cost 50 cents or so...


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