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More ideas needed - what can I give my kids (5 years and 20 month olds) for lunch that is a little bit inventive?? I sense their boredom with the same old sandwiches or toast and crackers and fruit. Is there a different way I could present their lunch or any great lunch ideas??


Blogger Julia said ... (10:37 PM) 

Let's see, Becky, there are 2 different kinds of lunches in our house. Once is for the "linch bunch" at school at which I usually keep it simply to thingds like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or cold cut sandwiches, accomponied by organic squeeze tube yoghurt, a fruit leather, a fruit, and some sort of 100% juice or water. The at home lunches almost always include "pasta". If he eats nothing else, Luca will almost always eat pasta (plain with garlic, basil & parmesan or with a simple tomato sauce). Sometimes he eats a turkey, cheese and spinach sandwich prepared like a grilled cheese sandwich. Other things include non nitrate hot dogs, vegetables, or I quick grill a piece of chicken. In reading this I guess I also could use some more variety here :)


Blogger Julia said ... (10:38 PM) 

...Of course I meant "lunch bunch" not "linch bunch"..sorry..


Blogger Rebecca said ... (8:49 AM) 

Thanks. I sometimes do mac and cheese, but the other pasta stuff sounds good


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:05 PM) 

Ok, here's a list of items my kids and their cousins like to nosh on at lunch:

Frozen burritos, salsa

Breakfast burritos (eggs, salsa, cheese, sauteed veggies)

Fruit platter w/toothpicks and dip, served w/nuts

Reheated leftovers wrapped in a warmed tortilla

bagels w/cream cheese, etc

pan-warmed quesadillas

scrambled egg or egg salad sandwiches

leftover houmus w/pita and olives

cottage cheese, reheated pasta and sauce (a fast, fake lasagna)

rewarmed pancakes with peanut butter and jelly

rewarmed crepes w/nutella and fruit

yogurt w/granola

And my oldest loves to make pictures w/food, hence, sunflowers out of orange slices and sunflower seeds or monster fingers out of toast slices. These are a few things that have worked w/mine. Hope this helps.


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