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Advise on printing pictures

I just aquired a digital camera and am now faced with a question that never occurred to me with a normal camera. Is it cheaper to take my memory card to Target and get the pictures there for $0.20 a piece or print them at my computer with a color cartridge costing me about $32.50 a cartridge (not sure yet how much the paper runs). How do I figure out how many pictures I can print with one cartridge? Thanks for any advise or experience any of you had. I have a Dell computer and printer and a Canon digital Elph.


Blogger Rebecca said ... (1:44 PM) 

I upload my digital pics to Sams club (if you're a member) They're 17 cents I think, and the quality is great


Blogger Julia said ... (2:20 PM) 

I'm not a member at Sam's but at BJ's. I wonder if they do that too. I'll check into it. Thanks, Becky.


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