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Welcome to my new blog. The aim of which is to share secrets of success/ideas of anything to do with stuff in the home - recipes, housework tips, childcare etc.

I'm really dying to get into recipe swapping, but that can wait a little bit. I need advice. I have a 5 week old girl. She's adorable of course, but as babies do at that age, has the most horrendous poop. It's bright yellow and grainy. A few times it's leaked on to her clothes, and although I soak and hand wash it straight away, and apply stain remover before washing it doesn't seem to come out. Any suggestions???


Blogger Julia said ... (12:42 PM) 

If the outfit is a white one you could squeeze lemon on the spots and let it bleach out naturally in the sun for a few hours. That sometimes worked for me. There is a laundrey soap a friend of mine used but I forgot the name. I will ask her and let you know which you might want to use for colored clothes.


Blogger chronicler said ... (9:13 PM) 

Buy some Zout. It gets just about anything out! Good luck. Look forward to the recipe swaps!


Blogger fMhLisa said ... (11:55 PM) 

Ah poop! My favorite subject. I too love zout, it got finger nail polish out. Rub it in and let the zout sit on it for several hours at least.

Another thing, but this can bleach some colors too, is the oxy-clean. You have to let it soak for a while to get the really tough stains. But this can take out some color too, esp cotton.


Blogger Rebecca said ... (8:00 AM) 

Thanks for the ideas. I'll let you know what works for me!


Blogger The Original Desperate Housewife - Maren said ... (4:59 AM) 

Hey Bek,

There is a Nursery Pre-wash stuff (has a pink label) you can buy at Target or Wal-Mart that works well for me. I spray it on and let it sit for quite awhile. It has got out that yucky poop many a times. Although I'd rather take the newborn baby poop then the 2 year old smelly stuff.

Good Luck< Maren


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